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Health is everything, but everything is nothing without health. Socrates

My website contains information on modern and effective medical technologies of  a human organism examination and treatment of a wide range of diseases. Owing to contemporary medical apparatus it has become feasible to find the authentic cause of unrecognized diseases, to cure acute and chronic illnesses and traditionally incurable diseases (hypertension, ischemic heart disease, bronchial asthma, dermatitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, prostatitis, adnexitis etc) and even diagnosis that require surgery (ovarian cyst, thyroid gland cyst, hysteromyoma, prostate adenoma, benign tumors). Utilization of both the Method of VRT (Vegetative Resonance Test) and the modern medical apparatus IMEDIS enables profoundly and holistically to examine a patient’s organism and detect those factors of a disease which are not usually considered by common physicians and cannot be detected by a laboratory analysis! This advanced medical technology is used by many leading hospitals – health-treatment centers Olga Eliseyeva and Nadezhda Semenova, Research Institute named after Helmholtz (Moscow), medical institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Russia (and the military, as you know, before using any equipment, thoroughly check its efficiency and reliability)., The specialists are scarce In Ukraine. They are mainly doctors, who themselves, on their own initiative, bought the equipment and learned new medical technologies. Like everything  new the VRT IMEDIS method is slowly but steadily paving its way, overcoming inertia and stereotypes of the official medicine.

The site also contains information about the dwelling ecology. The living space where a person spends most of his life is inextricably linked to his health. Рассказывается о биолокации, о том, как правильно выбрать место для спальных и рабочих мест, участок для постройки дома. There is information about biolocation, how to choose the right place for sleeping and working areas, how to choose a building site for your  house.

Yours faithfully Dr. Oleh Goncharenko

The proposed medical treatment possesses a range of advantages compared with traditional approaches that exist in our clinics, hospitals and even private clinics.

Firstly, this is  an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis. During a VRT examination , the doctor makes hundreds of thousands of measurements and tests, obtaining detailed information on the status of the patient. You will be determined exactly what your health problem is. A correct diagnosis – is half the success of treatment. Moreover, diagnostic accuracy dramatically exceeds the accuracy of traditional blood tests. It is virtually impossible to pass such a huge number of tests in a laboratory, besides it will cost a lot of money. Patient does not need to go somewhere else for examination – all necessary tests are done at the reception. No need to spend time and money for numerous tests and examinations in laboratories and consultations in various specialized expertise! Even 10 conventional medical specialists are not equivalent to one doctor who works with VRT IMEDIS technology.

Secondly, the integrity and the relationship of the whole organism are taken into account in the treatment of a disease. The disease will fast recede; symptoms will forever disappear if you do not fight with the body but help it to recover. Indeed, since ancient times healers have been instructed to treat according to the principle “It is a human being who should be treated but not a disease.” The treatment is aimed at the body’s defenses enhancing, the launch of the regeneration mechanisms of and purification of the body. Antibiotics, hormones and other toxic drugs with side effects are not used during the treatment. Such treatment is not “pounding” the disease inside the body. Moreover it is not only heals, but also rejuvenates the patient. Patients reported improvement of vitality and resistance to cold. More examples of healing you can read in the pages of Testimonials and Case Histories

Thirdly, you get high-quality efficient care. Patients already in 2-3 weeks feel the positive effects of treatment. After all, if causes of disease are well established the treatment outcome appears quickly. Usually it takes 2-3 appointments (1-2 months of treatment) to solve a health problem. For many patients, is it a surprise that their chronic disease that couldn’t be cured by pharmacological way is cured.

My frofile: I am a traditional physician by education, graduated from the Kiev National Medical University named after Bogomoletz, Medical Faculty. I began my medical practice in the Research Institute of Cardiology named after M. Strazhesko as a doctor, and then a research fellow in the resuscitation and coronary heart disease units. Convinced of the low efficiency of traditional medicine, I mastered the other new medical technologies. I worked in the department of alternative therapies in the Main Military Clinical Hospital of  Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, then worked in private medical centers for body cleansing (resorts Concha Zaspa, Pusha-Vodytsya). For the past few years, I have been consulting in various centers of Kiev. My biography, diplomas and certificates are posted on the Certificates page . Nowadays  patients from different cities of Ukraine have resort to me for help – Kiev, Chernigov and Kirovograd, Energodar, Cherkassy, Artemovsk, Krivoy Rog, Zhitomir, Komsomolsk, Poltava, Chernivtsi, Yalta and other cities. There are patients from other countries – CIS (Russia, Belarus), Europe (Germany, England, Sweden, Latvia, Turkey), the USA. There were patients who had not been cured by the highly qualified, outstanding. At the same time the VRT IMEDIS test clarified their diagnosis and positive results in the treatment were achieved! For the years of medical experience and with hundreds of patients who were cured, I can be confident in successful treatment of many health problems. I have mentioned about my experience and professional achievements not for self-promotion. In medicine, as in any other sphere, trust and affection for a doctor are a must, we are talking about the most important – the duration and quality of life. And the trust should be based on a doctor’s professional knowledge, experience and, of course, the outcome of treatment. Addressing the doctor for help, it is important for the patient to be sure that he/she is a qualified person, to know about his/her abilities and to understand what to pay money for. Even now in many medical clinics, centers, it is difficult to find decent and effective assistance to obtain information that would simply and clearly explain what happens to the body and what the reason of a disease was. Even the doctors themselves, falling sick, can not help themselves, their common standard treatment is ineffective. It results in misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment and subsequent deterioration of the patient’s condition. Any untreated disease leads to premature aging, reduced quality of life, increases risk of cancer and degenerative processes. The consequences of untreated time problems in the body can lead to surgical intervention, reduction of life and even sudden death. There are many people who seek for help, but can not find it. For this purpose I created a website to inform people, including medical workers,  about the existence of modern and effective medical technologies. I am open for cooperation with foreign doctors and medical centers in Europe.

VRT examination is conducted by means of  the medical complex IMEDIS EXPERT” – a modern, professional, expensive device which can operate only by experienced physicians, clinicians, experienced in diagnosing of different pathologies.

The device possesses the potential of several modern laboratories – an infectious, allergic, endocrinology, biochemistry, etc., and the reliability of the results (90-95%) exceeds the traditional blood tests (50-80%).

During the examination the doctor gets all the necessary information on the status of the patient, exposes an accurate diagnosis and assigns the proper individually tailored treatment.

The treatment is mainly based on non-drug modern complexons and organic preparations (HEEL, OHOM, Medpharma), bio-resonant therapies, resonant frequency therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine.

Therapeutic drugs, their doses are selected individually, eliminating the unnecessary taking of medication, there are no toxic or side effects.

Doctors who use VRT MEDIS method are top-class specialists who can identify almost any health problem, even when  physicians in academic institutions or private clinics failed to help the patient.

For the record, the cost of VRT IMEDIS specialist appointment in Russia is about 100-300 euro.

NB! VRT IMEDIS method should not be confused with so-called “computer diagnostics” (Oberon, Aurum, Diakor and the like).

Those devises examine in automatic mode, by a software, without  participation of a physician, analyzing the data and providing with  a standard  diagnosis.

Therefore, the results of such examinations have low reliability.

On top of that, these tests are mostly conducted by people without medical education etc which results in patients’ distrust to VRT IMEDIS method. Though, during the first examination by VRT specialist their doubts dissipate when the doctor starts listing their health problems.


For example, a person wants to check the status of the organism, or feels that he has a problem with his health. It could be fatigue, headaches or any pain, fever, skin rash, lymph nodes or other symptoms. The question arises – which clinic and which doctor should be addressed to? To the therapist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, venereal diseases, urologist, pulmonologist, endocrinologist, infectious diseases specialist, neurologist, etc.? Usually a patient is directed to several specialists!

As a result, you spend a lot of time, nerves and money for numerous consultations, analysis, and time spent in queue in hospitals. You will be prescribed a huge list of medications, some of which may turn out to be very toxic drugs (antibiotics, hormones, etc.), but recovery often does not come!

In fact, there are many causes of disease, thousands of them.  For example, we know more 700 infections that can cause human disease! A common doctor, with his common arsenal of diagnostics – blood pressure monitors, stethoscope, the results of general blood analysis, ultrasound – is not able to find the true cause of the disease. Therefore, the prescribed treatment is often symptomatic, and is not able to completely cure the body from disease. In the absence of the effect of treatment, a patient may be directed to surgeons for surgical removal or resection of the diseased organ.

Obviously, it is better to be treated by a doctor who conducts a holistic  examination and treats the whole body. After all, in fact, our body functions as a whole. Therefore, if any organ is being treated, we still need to know the overall condition of the entire organism, we need to know what is happening to the other, neighboring organs, what  the status of blood, lymph, levels of hormones, the nervous system, etc is.. Diseased organ is not separately suspended in the body and does not work by itself! Even if you have a skin or joints disease we still should definitely take into account the condition of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, intestine, kidney.

Everyone has the right to choose for him-, herself the most effective medical care.

Making an appointment to see me, you can have one doctor to go through all the necessary examinations and find out the exact cause of your illness and get the appropriate treatment!

I wish you good health!